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We offer a wide array of eyebrow and skin care treatments using world renowned techniques and the best medical grade skin care products


From brow shaping to oxygen facials, whatever service you choose, we highly trained estheticians will ensure you


From brow shaping to oxygen facials, whatever service you choose, we highly trained estheticians will ensure you


From brow shaping to oxygen facials, whatever service you choose, we highly trained estheticians will ensure you


From brow shaping to oxygen facials, whatever service you choose, we highly trained estheticians will ensure you


Individual synthetic, mink, or polyester thread like material attached to the natural eyelash giving you a more youthful vibrant look. They vary in curl, diameter and length. Once selected they are applied with a special formulated semi permanent adhesive (glue) which is not meant to harm, irritated or damage the eye or natural eyelash. Natural allergies do exist so adhesive type is based on ones sensitivity.


  • Classic Full Set-  one to one application. One eyelash extension being placed on one natural eyelash.
  • Hybrid Lashes- 50% classic + 50% volume fans. This lash set gives you slightly fuller eyelashes than a classic full set.
  • Russian Volume- handmade lash fan consisting of 2-6 very fine lash extensions being placed one single natural lash creating a full and dark lash line
  • Mega Volume- handmade lash fans consisting of 6-15 extremely fine lash extensions being placed on one natural lash creating a bold, thick and dark lash line. Diameter of lash fan tailored to diameter of natural eyelash.


  • Classic 1.5-2hr
  • Hybrid 1.5-2hr
  • RV 2-2.5hr
  • Mega 3-3.5hrs

Depending on the lash set choose, it can take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours to apply a full set of eyelash extensions

eye shape and natural eyelash amount varies depending on the individual. Based off ones condition, a lash specialist can only apply eyelashes suitable for your natural lashes ensuring the health of the natural lash. for example, short thin natural eye lashes wouldn’t be able to support a dramatic long lash set due to weigh imbalances.


depending on one eyelash growth cycle, fills are recommended every 2-4 weeks. you must have 40% of your lash extensions left to be considered a fill. I personally don’t recommend waiting a long time in-between fills. not only do a lash specialist have to go in a fill the bare natural lashes, but also remove the lashes that have grown out. all of this take times and with the time allotted for a fill makes it hard to do both in one session.

Since the lash extensions are attached one by one to the natural lash, when the natural lash  shed so will the lash extension attached to it. a new nl grows and push through, hence why fills are recommended every 2-4 weeks, 4 weeks being extreme.

Dont tug or full at your eyelash extensions trying to take them off. if you want them removed, have your lash specialist removed them using a lash remover cream. you can not administer this yourself. it will burn!

Heaven’s NO! mascara defeats the purpose of the lash extensions. oils in the mascara will weaken the bond of the adhesive causing them to shed prematurely. applying mascara to volume lashes will cause your fans to close and just ruin the lash set.


Yes you can but try to avoid submerging your eyes water for atlas 24 hours after your appt. this time allows for the bond of the adhesive to dry fully. Remember rubbing at your eyes may cause premature shedding.



  Please remove all eye makeup with a mild, oil-free cleanser prior to your appointment. ***Eye makeup can interfere with the adhesive bond and shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions, so it’s very important your natural lashes be as clean as possible.

  Wear comfortable clothing, a blanket will be provided should you get cold.

  Limit your caffeine intake before your appointment!!! Too much caffeine (coffee, soda, & certain medications) can make your eyes twitch when closed. Making the process more difficult for the lash stylist to properly isolate & apply lashes. This also makes it more time consuming & appointment rates are based on many factors including time.





  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for the first two hours.
  • No spa, sauna or pool for the first 24 hours. The extensions need that amount of time to properly bond.
  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. With proper application you will not need them.
  • ONLY use oil-free makeup remover to wash and clean your lash line and eyelash extensions.
  • Proper hygiene is very important. Please keep lashes clean by regular washing. We have a special foaming lash cleaner available in the salon for sale.
  • Use care when applying facial and eye creams to avoid the lash line. Too many oil-based products can break down the adhesive.
  • We recommend touch-up appointments every two to four weeks to maintain your eyelash extensions.


Company Policies


Before scheduling a service, PLEASE READ the following information below!




1ST TIME LASH CLIENTS: If you’re unsure of what lash set you want, schedule for a CLASSIC FULL SET (90% COVERAGE). If you’re still unsure, please call or come in for a free lash consultation.


1ST TIME CLIENTS WITH EXISTING LASHES FROM ANOTHER LASH TECH: If you are looking to schedule a FILL from us but have existing lashes on from a previous lash tech, you must speak with Tameka directly to schedule OR come in during business hours for a brief consultation. Another option Or schedule for a REMOVAL & A FULL SET.


NO COMPANY ALLOWED! That includes best friends, roommates, boyfriends, aunts, uncles, grandmothers or grandfathers AND MOST OF ALL, YOUR KIDS! (If you’re under 18 years old, A PARENT is allowed to accompany you.)


CONFIRMATION EMAIL: Once you have scheduled your appointment, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you’ve provided. READ IT!

PAYMENT: CASH IS REQUIRED! If you choose to pay with a debit/credit card, a $5 service fee or a 5% service fee will apply depending on the amount of service. POLICY EFFECTIVE: 10/1/2017

LATE POLICY: Services offered are time sensitive! You have a 10 minute grace period. After 10 minutes, you will be charged a $15 late fee. After 15 minutes I will be unable to service you and you will lose your deposit.

CANCELLATION POLICY: To cancel your appointment, please refer to your confirmation email or reminder email to do so. Appointments must be canceled within 48 HOURS of your scheduled appointment. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN 100% OF THE APPOINTMENT FEE BEING CHARGED!! You agree to these terms and conditions by scheduling an appointment. Once again, under no circumstance will a deposit get refunded or transferred.

PREBOOK: It is important to PREBOOK your lash and brow appointments as the schedule does fill fast. As much as I value each and every client and would love to service everyone, I can only service those who schedule. I take pride in my work and WILL NOT compromise someones time to “squeeze you in.” Also, due my busy schedule, I cannot “contact you if an earlier appointment becomes available.” Check the calendar as cancellations and availabilities post immediately! And PREBOOK your appointments and fills.




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